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OpenJoyce: ‘a great field was to be opened up in the line of opening up’ , #abs83

We present OpenJopenjoyceoyce – a new OER which takes a service-based and community-focused approach to ‘open’.

OpenJoyce is a collection of resources and a community around the author James Joyce.

At noon on day one of OER13, OpenJoyce was presented by Cleo Hanaway from the University of Oxford and Pat Lockley of Pgogy. The other authors, Mr Ronan Crowley, and Dr Elizabeth Switaj were not present.

The abstract for the session can be found at https://www.medev.ac.uk/oer13/programme/#83 You can access OpenJoyce at http://openjoyce.com/

This lively presentation started off with Cleo, a self confessed Joyce geek, who is now cultural engagement officer at the University of Reading. Pat introduced himself as having done nothing with his life….

Pat and Cleo started us off with introducing us to different ideas of ‘open’ and pattern recognition in Ulysses. They made visualisations and put them online, this grew into about 20 visualisation tools and how they work in Ulysses. These went to Dublin to a Joyce conference, where they met up with Ronan, who needed some tools, and Pat built more tools….

Pat made a MOOC, and met Elizabeth who wanted to run a MOOC on Joyce, which then turned into a communty. Kind of a lighthouse… to broadcast out to people. 117 words in Latin have some meaning of ‘open’.

What does ‘open’ mean to you? Was survey of one question which went out to Twitter and on the Internet. They had about 50 anonymous responses – which were really quite carefully considered as far as the examples shown demonstrated.

We were introduced to several notions of ‘open’, including reciprocity. Is the idea of ‘open’ moving towards a more public domain definition? There is no preferred licence on OpenJoyce. All code available, sharing over multiple sites, having fun with the vagueness of open, and didactic openness. OpenJoyce is trying to be completely collaborative and take the concept forward in new ways. it is moving away from the the idea of having sole intellectual ownership of an idea of tool.

OpenJoyce is now looking for more people to get involved, it is explicitly not about commodity dumping. They do not want it to be a simple broadcasting process. Already have one MOOCow, with two more coming, and possible funding. Though it is really hard to do stuff outside of University constructs.

No prior knowledge of Joyce is necessary, and they are interested in seeing how far ‘open’ can go. A small grant will hopefully enable a conference on OpenJoyce and also small amounts of money to enable more people to contribute to the site.

As Megan said – Blimey!