OER13 Programme Committee

jackiecarter3 Co-Chair: Jackie Carter, University of Manchester, Jackie.Carter@manchester.ac.uk
ChrisPegler Co-Chair: Chris Pegler, The Open University, c.a.pegler@open.ac.uk
AndyBeggan Andy Beggan, University of Nottingham, andy.beggan@nottingham.ac.uk
terese_small Terese Bird, University of Leicester, tmb10@leicester.ac.uk
AnnaPortraitParcGuell Anna Comas-Quinn, The Open University, A.Comas-Quinn@open.ac.uk
Maren_Deepwell_Headshot Maren Deepwell, ALT, maren.deepwell@alt.ac.uk
JDarby2 Jonathan Darby, OE SIG/Consultant, jd@oxfordinsight.co.uk
TraceyDBpicture Tracey de Beer
AF_  Alex Fenlon, Higher Education Academy, Alex.Fenlon@heacademy.ac.uk
chris_follows-poland_copy Chris Follows, Wimbledon College of Art, c.follows@wimbledon.arts.ac.uk
sgomez2 Stephen Gomez, Higher Education Academy, Stephen.Gomez@heacademy.ac.uk
dkernohan David Kernohan, JISC, d.kernohan@jisc.ac.uk
AndyLane Andy Lane, The Open University, a.b.lane@open.ac.uk
dawn_t2 Dawn Leeder, UCEL, dcl25@cam.ac.uk
patrickM Patrick McAndrew, The Open University, patrick.mcandrew@open.ac.uk
Terry Terry McAndrew, JISC Techdis, terry@techdis.ac.uk
vo Victor Ottaway, Newcastle University, victor.ottaway@newcastle.ac.uk
MQB_Photo_July_2009_small Megan Quentin-Baxter, Newcastle University, megan@medev.ac.uk
Tim_Seal2 Tim Seal, The Open University/OE SIG, tim.seal@open.ac.uk
vivien sieber (small) Vivien Sieber, University of Surrey, v.sieber@surrey.ac.uk
stevestapleton Steve Stapleton, University of Nottingham, steven.stapleton@nottingham.ac.uk
amber_thomas Amber Thomas
kiran mehta Simon Thomson, Leeds Metropolitan University, s.thomson@leedsmet.ac.uk
joewilson Joe Wilson, Scottish Qualifications Authority, Joe.Wilson@sqa.org.uk

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